Tag Clinic

A very complete information editor for your mp3 files



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This application is thought to organize and edit all the information and data about your mp3 included as ID3tag.

It supports multiple edition, very useful to organize all your music collection, printing of all the data about the mp3 files (song, artist, title,...) and export all this information to standard formats (.doc, .txt,...)

With Tag Clinic you can auto-fill tags, swap data between fields, create one type of tag using data from another. Find, Click to view screen shot Find & Replace, print your tags, or save them to one of six different file formats. Create your own capitalization style with the multi-function Capitalization Editor. Drag and drop files to and from your favorite browser with the program's built-in browser,...

A very complete editor which will ease your task of editing your mp3 audio files.
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